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Happy Burthday Doggieearlover

Happy Birthday !!!  to Doggie ear lover!!
Many happy returns and all that.  
And a big thank you for all the wonderful stories you write.
You more than deserve to have all your birthday wishes come true!!!

now if only i could figure out how to add some confetti and baloons.....

How do your eating/cooking habits change in the winter?
Write about your best (or worst) birthday.
My worst?  Hard to say if it was the one where I was in traction in the hospital, with a steel rod through my knee and a mad scientist's nightmare of pullys, cables and weights attempting to pull the remains of my femur back into some semblance of a leg.  Or the one immediatly following, immobilised in a full body cast...
The funniest, imo, was when my poor mother planned an ornate afternoon surprise party.  I however, completely forgot that it was my birthday (sadly typical of me), and took off on an all day trail ride, not getting home until well after dark.   We all had fun eventually, even tho' I smelled like a sweaty horse throughout the entire party.
What do you believe in?
  Myself, and my ability to change the world for the better (or at least the weirder).

Writer's Block: Black Friday

When do you start your holiday shopping?
  I don't.  I generaly avoid anything that even remotely resembles holiday shopping.  My friends and family have learned to expect gifts from me anywhere from Beltane to Mid-summer.  (generally with no reason or explaination)  but the whole Christmas spending orgy makes me naseous.